How To Make Halloween A Little Healthier
Written by Ryan Luedecke on Oct. 24th 2018
Are you about to go through your first Halloween as a healthier eater?

Do you have kids who plan to trick or treat?

Will you be greeting trick or treaters at your door?

If so, you might be wondering how to survive.

The costume part of Halloween is fun (I'll be in a white jumpsuit with a big yellow patch on my torso along with red devil horns & a red devil tail. Can you guess what I am?).

EDIT. Updated. See the pic of my sons and I on Halloween this year. 

But the candy part is tough.

Can you do Halloween without...

- Blowing up your healthy eating plan
- Turning your kids turn into maniacs
- Turning other people's kids into maniacs
- Looking weird to family, friends, and neighbors

Those are the thoughts I'm wrestling with right now.

It's not easy. I've spent hours researching healthy candies and candy alternatives and the options aren't great.

Here's what I've purchased for trick or treaters:

Snickers Fun-Size Chocolate Bars - 4g fat, 10g carbs, 9g sugar. Obviously not great for healthy eating, but this is my compromising crowd pleasing sacrifice that keeps me in the realm of social acceptability.The fat and protein in these fun-sized Snickers bar helps lighten the glycemic load of the sugar, so that, in theory, there's less chance of a fun-sized Snickers bar turning your kid into a maniac. On the plus side, I'm allergic to chocolate, so these don't tempt me.

Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn (small bags) - 6g fat, 9g carbs, 1g sugar, 2g protein. Not a terrible option here. You could even sneak a bag and not totally blow your macros for the day. This one is for parents like me who appreciate when adults offer something enticing other than candy. A few kids might even prefer the popcorn as something different from all the candies they're being offered. Anything not given to trick or treaters goes to my son's daycare or wife's office because this will tempt me and can't stay in my house.

Emerald Nuts 100 Calorie Variety packs (Almonds, cashews, walnuts) - 8g fat, 4g carbs, 1g sugar, 3g protein (roughly). Just in case there are any health conscious kids or parents out there in my hood -- they'll be taken care of. These nuts can be repurposed as normal snacks for our family after Halloween. Unfortunately if they are both health-conscious and allergic to nuts, they'll have to leave my door step empty-handed.

I feel like that's a good mix that's says like "Hey... I know it's Halloween so here's some candy if you want it...but we've also got you covered on the healthier, lower sugar side of things."

I purchased these on Amazon so I could control when they arrived at my house. The less time they are in my house, the better. I also didn't want to get to the store around Halloween and find these things to be out of stock.

A few other thoughts running through my head as I made these purchases:

Running out of Snickers is better than going over. I didn't want to have to contend with a ton of leftover candy. Even though I despise sugar & carbs, I have a hard time deciding whether to throw away extras or redistribute to Carb Eating Sucka's. I'd rather not have to make that decision.

Don't buy the candy that you would be most inclined to eat. For me that's the sugar-y & sour-y ones. Those are my weakness -- so I don't tempt myself with those.

Come to agreement w/spouse that nothing stays other than what your kid collects or what your spouse will take to work the day after Halloween. I'll live with having to hide my kid's bag of candy out of sight for a week, and if my wife wants to take some to work...that's fine. I just don't want anything else to stay in our house after Halloween.

Try to limit the damage to 1 day if you have to do it. You can come back from a day's worth of damage.

Alright that's my plan for Halloween.

I hope that helps.



Ryan Luedecke

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